OSP Springfield Arrests 10 for DUII Memorial Day Weekend

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Oregon State Police cracked down on 61 intoxicated drivers statewide during the Memorial Day weekend.

And, unfortunately, three people died in Oregon during the holiday period.

The OSP Springfield and Portland command centers tied for the most DUII arrests out of all the regional offices at 10 arrests total.

The state had one less fatality during the holiday weekend than in 2011 and 27 less DUII arrests than last year.

OSP says there is no rhyme or reason as to why our area would have just as many arrests as a region with a much larger population.

“We really don’t have an answer for that. This was the DUII office of the year last year and the year before, and we have troops out there that are actively looking for intoxicated and impaired drivers. I think it’s a good number that we had,” said Sgt. Michael Brewster.

They received that award last month.

The Springfield department was recognized as having the largest increase in DUII arrests than the previous year when stacked up next to other departments.

One of the state’s three fatalities was in Eugene. A 54-year-old bicyclist died near 30th Avenue after a hit-and-run crash.

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