OSU Announces Some Changes this Fall

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Classes start in less than two weeks at Oregon State University and students can expect to see some changes this year, including the requirement for incoming freshmen to live in dorms.

OSU addressed the Corvallis City Council Monday night to update members about changes this year.

The university says the requirement to live in dorms applies to traditional freshman, or freshmen who only recently graduated from high school.

“It’s the perfect opportunity as a student to become acclimated not only on how to study well, to live in a dorm or a residence hall; but actually how to become part of the Oregon State campus community and the Corvallis community,” said Steve Clark, OSU Vice President of Marketing and Relations.

The university says it invested in five employees to work with students and with the community regarding student conduct. OSU says it’s also continuing to build its efforts to make sure students have the information they need to seek out counseling.

“There are forms of abuse, whether its alcoholism or some drugs. So Oregon State’s being very proactive. We have an excellent director, Rob Reff, who’s working with students in groups or personally in this area,” Clark said.

OSU says it also plans to meet with the city council every two to three months.

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