OSU Dorms Evacuated After Bomb Threat

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University students are safely back in their residence halls after they were temporarily evacuated after a bomb threat.

Thousands of students were evacuated around 7:15 pm Thursday evening from their dorm rooms, after the OSU Department of Public Safety says it received a call from an unidentified caller threatening there was a bomb in one of the residence halls. Oregon State Police say the person did not indicate which building the bomb was in, so they immediately evacuated all residence halls on campus.

Students were able to go to the library or Memorial Union to wait. Many students instead waited outside their dorms, saying they wondered about the timing of the threat.

“It’s a major inconvenience,” said Rhyce Pruit, an OSU student who lives in one of the dorms. “Because it’s midterms and people have tests. And it’s just a bad time to have this.”

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office and the Corvallis Police Department also responded to campus. Investigators searched each residence hall before determining everything was clear around 9:30 pm. They did not find anything suspicious, but investigators are asking for the public’s help in the case. Anyone who knows anything about the bomb threat is asked to contact the OSU Department of Public Safety at: (541) 737-7000.

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  1. wilhelmf says:

    How about setting up the hotline system to record and trace calls? How’s that for a genius idea? Cells have GPS tags that are often left on, and blocked caller ID can be overwritten with the right software and intel. If I had 25K people to take care of, I’d spend less time at the knees of the football team and get an actual, non-blindly reactionary security system in place.
    Voice recognition software
    High speed caller tracking
    default GPS checks.

    Best case scenario is a bored student, but I don’t think we’re that lucky. People regularly test the in flight security of airlines by disruption, hoping to flush out the air marshals. I’m afraid that our responses to emergencies are regularly being tested for their strengths and weaknesses.

    The smart thing to do would be not to arrest the caller, if identified, but to monitor them for possible contact with terrorist cells. If the caller makes no contact with such organizations within the statute of limitations for the offence, (s)he should be arrested then and prosecuted to the fullest extent of existing law and forced to compensate for expenses incurred.

    I just hope the University is not taking a “boys will be boys” attitude. As someone who’s been around since the early sixties, I can tell you that attitude doesn’t accomplish anything but mayhem.

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