OSU E-Campus Enrollment Up

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Several developers want to bring more student housing to Corvallis, but there may not be a housing shortage for students.

Oregon State University says it expects roughly 28,000 students to enroll this year, but they’re not all studying in Corvallis. Many are enrolled online through e-campus or at the Cascades Campus in Bend. The campus expects just over 24,000 students to enroll at the Corvallis campus, which is small increase from last year. The University won’t have final enrollment numbers for a few more weeks.

Many students attending OSU in Corvallis say they had no problem finding a place to live.

“The apartment I’m staying at is a four-bedroom and there are still two-bedrooms open, and this is two blocks from campus,” said student Matthew Feldmann. “So there has to be other places still open too.” 

Craigslist still shows housing options available for students with different price ranges. The Corvallis Planning Commission is meeting at the downtown Fire Station on Oct. 16 at 7 pm to decide whether to recommend a student development proposal on the western end of Harrison Boulevard.

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