OSU Earth Day Celebrations

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University students, staff, faculty, and members of the Corvallis community went from booth-to-booth at OSU’s 14th annual Earth Day Community Fair on Tuesday, learning more about how to live more sustainably.

Dozens of booths promoted sustainability in different ways, including the promotion of buying locally and recycling.

“We should be doing this every day, but we’re celebrating the Earth,” said OSU student Efrain Cabrera, who helped sell local plants to fundraise for an on-campus group.

Other groups showcased their booths that promoted various sustainable practices – all as a reminder to keep the Earth green.

“With more people, we’re going to need more resources,” said OSU student Kepookaleo Noa, who was volunteering at a booth educating the public about overpopulation. “We need to know how to allocate those resources properly and more efficiently.”

Another booth, Plastics for Poets, shared information about plastic types.

“What you should not eat out of is PVC,” said OSU student Simon Fraher. “And obviously you’re not going to eat out of a PVC pipe but this is also PVC,” he said as he pointed to a Red Vines container. “This stuff isn’t that good for you. It can be carcinogenic and can cause hormonal problems. As can BPA.”

Fraher and other students in his class explained to visitors at their booth that BPA, though it has been banned from most water bottles, is still in many canned goods.

“Refried beans, canned tomatoes, canned anything,” Fraher said. “That has BPA in it. You have BPA in you right now. It’s in your blood stream from eating those foods. So that’s something people should be aware of.”

Fraher also stressed the importance of recycling.

“These PETE-type of plastic water bottles take about 10 million years to break down,” he said. “They’re reusable. So you can drink out of this. Your grandchildren can drink out of this. Their grandchildren can drink out of this.”

Earth Week events continue at OSU throughout the rest of the week. Click here for more details.

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