OSU Fans Excited for Alamo Bowl

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Here in Oregon, fans are excited to see their Beavers battle it out in the Lone Star State.

They are pumped, especially since the team did so well and they get to cheer them on in a bowl game.

We found a couple of places gearing up for the bowl game. Stop in at flat tail brewing and you’ll find lots of love for the Beavers and a reminder of what’s been and what could be.

“We are really excited. I think all of town is excited–staff, everybody–so we are really looking forward to it,” said Lain Duncan, Flat Tail Manager.

The staff is ready to host the flurry of fans.

“Being the first bowl game in a few years, I think the Beav fans are going to come out in droves,” Duncan said.

It’s planning to have some special appetizers, all the big screens will be on the game, and what’s a game without a little Beaver juice.

“So that every time they score a touchdown–hopefully a lot–we will be taking shots of Beaver juice,” Duncan said.

You can’t watch the game without the right attire. We caught a number of fans loading up on some last-minute game goodies.

“I am excited. I actually just got a new shirt to wear for the game,” said Corvallis resident Andrew Soltis.

“It’s super exciting to see the turnaround in one season,” said OSU employee Aaron Worley.

“It’s just nice to see them doing well and enjoying the season, how well they’ve done especially when they weren’t expected to do so,” said Clarice Law.

And for those who like to multi-task, how about some bowling and a bowl game at Highland Bowl.

“If you come down during game time, we will offer 50 cents off a game and we will have it on our two big screens over the lanes and our two other big screens,” said Shawn McCord, Highland Bowl Manager.

So we just had to know, just how bad the Beavers are going to beat the Longhorns.

“I think Beavers by 10,” Law said.

“I am saying Beavs by 10,” Duncan said.

“1-10, I am going to go with 24 to 18 OSU,” Worley said.

“I will say Beavers by 10,” McCord said.

Ten seems to be the number to place our bets on, and if they pull it off it will be there 10th win in a season these fans say they won’t forget.

The game starts at 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29.

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