OSU Football Player Arrested for Trespassing at Bar

By Heather Turner

CORVALLIS, Ore. — An Oregon State University football player faces charges for allegedly sneaking into a local bar this weekend.

OSU football player Jordan Poyer was arrested early Saturday morning after police say he trespassed at Impulse Bar by sneaking in the back.

Corvallis police say back in February, Jordan Poyer got in trouble for being at Impulse Bar underage.

He was asked to leave, and not to come back, but officers say early Saturday morning someone let Poyer, who is now 21, into the bar through a back door.

Employees recognized him and security detained him until police arrived.  They cited him and released him.

“There’s probably a lesson learned there that, you know, if you’ve been put on notice not to come back, this is what the consequence is if you choose to ignore that and do come back,” said Lt. Tim Brewer with the Corvallis Police Department.

Poyer, who is a junior, is OSU’s starting cornerback.

Athletic department administrators say they are handling this situation internally.

Poyer is expected in court June 7.

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