OSU Named “Best Buy School”

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State University is considered one of the nation’s best when it comes to cost versus education.

Oregon State University has been named as a “Best Buy School” in the 2013 edition of “The Fiske Guide to Colleges,” which ranks universities by price and academics.

There are 41 institutions named as 2013’s “Best Buys.”  OSU is one of only two schools in the Pacific Northwest to make that list.

“We’re super thrilled to be on the list, it is a good recognition of what we try to do day in and day out and that’s serve our Oregon students,” said OSU Director of Admissions Noah Buckley.

One reason for being ranked on the list is OSU’s relatively low tuition.

Estimated tuition and fees for in-state undergrads for 2012-2013 is $8,091.

“College is a huge expense so if you can find a school with a great reputation, great academics, great program and a nice price tag, it makes it all the more interesting and moves it up the list a little bit,” said Parent Delee Haudbine.

Another reason for making the “Best Buy” list is OSU’s high academic ratings.

“Having that kind of robust research opportunity for our students in the sciences, and engineering and many other areas probably plays very heavily into our ranking,” Buckley said.

“Just the work that’s being done here is pretty impressive, the amount of grants that the college is receiving is pretty great,” said Parent Ron Metzker.

Parents touring OSU say finding the right college for their children can be tricky, so lists like this one can come in handy.

“I have two kids going to college at the same time, having a resource like that that would break it down and show me the possibilities, it’s more information to make an informed decision,” said Parent Eric Morgan.

OSU administrators say using college guides and rankings can be a good resource but they say the best way to find out if a university is for you or your child is to visit the campus.

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