OSU Provides Free Holiday Food Hotline

CORVALLIS, Ore. — For many, the holidays mean having a family or friends over for a meal.

But what about all that food that you accidentally left out? Is it still good? How do you cook the turkey?

You can find answers to questions like this online, or you can call a free hotline to get quick and easy advice from OSU volunteers.

“You don’t want your relatives to get sick. So it’s important that really good food safety and cooking principles be used at this time of the year when families are gathering and having a lot of good times. You know, you kind of forget about that food that’s sitting around in the kitchen,” said Nellie Oehler, Hotline Coordinator.

For information about the hotline, click here.

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  1. dustin baylie says:

    the food drive is a good way to get people together

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