OSU Releases Final Parking Plans

OREGON STATE UNIVERSITYCORVALLIS, Ore. — Drivers can say goodbye to student and staff parking permits at Oregon State University come fall term.

After taking public input for the past few months, the university has released its final plan for a new parking system.

It includes three different priced parking zones. Outer (C) zones will cost $95; B zones will cost $330; and A zones, the closest zones to campus, will cost $495. Those who purchase an A-zone pass will also be able to park in B and C zones, and those who purchase a B-zone pass will also be able to park in C zones.

The university says currently, it is a battle to find parking spots near campus, but thousands of spots on the periphery of campus are unused. The university says it will take a few years to perfect its new plan, but argues the zonal parking system is a step in the right direction in order to solve daily parking issues.

OSU is also encouraging students and staff to carpool or use alternative modes of transportation. The university is increasing its on-campus shuttle services and will be marketing its use. Right now, OSU says many students, faculty, and staff are unaware that there is a free shuttle service available.

The university says it is also working to improve the safety in the parking structure near Gill Coliseum. It is installing large mirrors so it will be easier to see vehicles coming around the corner.  The university is also discussing future lighting improvements inside the structure – something that is expected to cost more than half a million dollars.

OSU is also working to install more bike racks and improve pathway lighting.

The new permits will go on sale beginning Sept. 1 and will be effective Oct. 1 this year.

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