OSU Student Injured in Crash

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Instead of spending their one year anniversary celebrating, Shane Potter spent the day Saturday at the side of his girlfriend Jessica Neffendorf’s hospital bed. “She’s just dealing with everything so well that I mean it gives everyone hope and faith that she’s gonna do alright. She’s been winning at every single surgery she’s doing and it really gives us a good sense of hope and faith that she’s gonna pull through,” said Potter.

Neffendorf received critical injuries in a head on crash just outside of Corvallis Thursday afternoon. “Her light was green, she was going to take a left home to me and the guy just ran a red light,” said Potter.

The Benton County Sheriff’s office says 29 year-old Matthew Cannard was intoxicated when he struck Neffendorf. He received injuries too, but was later released from the hospital and taken to jail. It’s Cannard’s third time facing DUII charges.

Neffendorf’s loved ones said they want this crash to make people think before driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “Something should’ve been done to where he couldn’t touch a vehicle or to where he was behind bars previously but now that they, that he has been able to you know be on the street his reoccurring behavior reoccurred and now my sunshine is paying that price,” said Potter.

That price is a broken femur and pelvis, punctured lungs, liver gone, bladder torn, and brain injuries.

Potter said it’s going to be a long road to recovery, but he said he’ll continue to be there standing by her side. “She’s always wanting to go after life you know and be successful and you know she’s really motivated me,” said Potter.


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  1. Sam Potter says:

    Shane has been a rock for the entire family maintaining a positive attitude and the strength to support everyone else. The superiors in his Military unit he serves in are also being understanding as Shane never leaves her side and even sleeps in the chair next to her bed holding her hand throughout the night.

    Jessica is truly one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet and she is treasured like our own flesh and blood. Her family is by her side and there are many people who love her.

    As we setup a method of donations for the family to help support their growing financial needs associated to this, we will post here again.

    The man who has done this should have forgiveness for wrong doings but 3 under the influences arrests? Come on! When we heard that there didn’t seem to be much remorse from him when this happened, I can only hope it was due to the drugs he was on at the time because that is so inhuman otherwise.

    To him I say “Your actions have ripped apart an angel, tearing her flesh and bone from her body and left her and her loved ones to suffer for a long time to come. I hope you have a consious because there are few people on this planet as sweet an innocent as Jessica is. Regardless of the outcome, this one is going to haunt you for the rest of your life. The price you will be paying will be huge, but not as huge as her and her family will have to bare!”

    We need everyone’s prayers and positive thoughts. If you believe in love, that is Shane and Jessica. If you believe in prayer, they are deserving. Jessica, we believe in you!

  2. Sandra Swanson says:

    We are praying that Jessica will have a complete recovery. She is just at the beginning of her life, and has so much potential.

  3. Lisa Zielinski says:

    We continue to pray for Jessica as she continues to fight for her life! Her Family, “Framily”, and friends are all praying and keeping hope alive for her recovery.

    We all love you so much Jess!

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