OSU Students Protest Tuition Hikes

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — The state legislature met for the first time this year, and students at Oregon State University had a strong message for them on their first day back.

Students had a simple message for the state legislature on day one of the new session.

“From now on our demand is very clear: no tuition increases,” said Dan Cushing.

Students at OSU are growing tired of increasing tuition, and their rally Monday marked a statewide campaign to get Oregon lawmakers to prioritize funding for higher education.

“It should be a No. 1 priority. Students? We are the future. And if we’re not investing or reinvesting in our education, then what does that say about our society?” said Meleani Bates.

For some students, the high cost of a college education is forcing them to take out unwanted loans.

“I have about $48,000 worth of student debt,” said one student.

Professors also attended to show their frustration with tuition hikes.

“Unfortunately, many students are struggling. Struggling to pay for food, struggling to pay for rent,” said Cushing

Students said they understand cuts need to be made to help the economy, but simply raising tuition costs is not the solution.

“There are plenty of cuts that can be made, and in a harsh economy we need people going back to school,” said Cushing.

For now, students preach solidarity to show the state they can’t take any more tuition hikes. They hope that their power in numbers will convince Oregon’s House to not to raise tuition.

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