OSU Students Train at Fire Academy

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Fire crews were all over Oregon State University Wednesday, but they weren’t responding to a call.

They were leading the sixth annual fire academy training, where they train fraternity and sorority leaders on the importance of fire safety in their houses.

More than 100 students got the opportunity to crawl through a smoke-filled trailer, practice using a fire extinguisher and use a fire hose. They also got to see flames take over mock dorm rooms. The experience is eye-opening for students.

“Nobody is safe when it comes to a fire. You need to really be ready, know the precautions, and you know this is a great learning experience,” said OSU student Leah Gross.

It also helps those students understand when to call the fire department and when not to.

“To send three fire stations to a false alarm at a fraternity or sorority isn’t a good use of our resources. So this isn’t just about fire safety, it’s also about managing your house,” said Jim Patton of the Corvallis Fire Department.

“Knowing these kinds of things living in a house makes me feel much safer in cases of an emergency,” said OSU student Rich Manuli.

The Corvallis Fire Department suggests anyone who wants to learn what was taught at the fire academy to give them a call.

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  1. Andrew Gross says:

    The camera likes OSU’s Leah Gross. Perhaps she should be interning with you.

    -Her Dad, a shameless promoter

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