OSU to Host Free Repair Fair

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — Do you have a broken toaster or clothes with holes in them?

Well, if you were thinking about throwing them away, you have a chance Wednesday night to get them repaired for free.

Oregon State University is hosting a repair fair Wed., Feb. 19 for household goods or appliances including bikes, jewelry, electronics, or even socks with holes.

The event happens twice every term. Volunteers not only will fix your broken goods, but they also hold demonstrations so you can learn how to repair items yourself.

“I think this event is important for the community because a lot of repair skills are dying or are a lost art. Sock darning is one of the demonstrations we frequently have,” said Kyle Reed, the Campus Recycling Outreach Assistant.

Reed says events like the Repair Fair are important not only so people can learn how to fix their own goods, but because it helps prevent waste.

“These events really help reduce waste in that items not being thrown out and you’re not buying something new. It’s helping combat consumerism and consumerist habits.”

The event is from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in OSU’s property services warehouse on 13th Street. It’s the same building they hold the weekly OSUsed sales.

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