OSU’s Scott Crichton: “Everybody’s Smoking Weed”

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By KEZI 9 Sports

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Oregon State defensive end Scott Crichton did not shy away in front of cameras on the topic of marijuana use.

When asked if he thought 40-60 percent of a team smoked weed was too high of a number, he said no.

“I think it is that high,” Crichton said. “Nowadays everybody’s smoking weed. I guess it’s the thing to do nowadays.”

Crichton also said that he has seen marijuana use from teammates during his time at Oregon State and when he was in high school.

“When we do see people smoke weed…you can’t say they’re doing good,” Crichton said. “You seen last season, it was just terrible. Whoever was witnessing this should just tell them straight up.”

While Crichton was brutally honest, some of his other teammates took a much different tone.

When cornerback Jordan Poyer was asked if he thought marijuana use was a problem at Oregon State, he did not offer much of a response.

“I’m not going to comment on that,” Poyer said.

“Here, I don’t think it’s a problem,” wide receiver Jordan Bishop said. “It’s something that goes on all throughout the country. We just try not to worry about that and just focus on what we got to do out here.”

Head coach Mike Riley was not at practice for the second straight time because he was with his father, who is in the hospital.

Defensive coordinator Mark Banker fielded the questions again after practice and addressed the topic.

“We haven’t seen anything prevalent here at all,” Banker said. “We’d like to think guys are 100 percent across the board clean as could be, but that would probably be a little bit naive.”

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