OUS Board Voting on Tuition Hikes

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Oregon State Board of Higher Education is set to vote on a tuition fee hike for Oregon’s college students.

Undergraduate students at the University of Oregon are facing a 4.9 percent increase in their tuition. That comes out to an additional $292 per year, meaning that students would pay a total of $8,300. That’s twice the amount that students paid just five years ago.

Meanwhile, at Oregon State, the proposed increase is 5.9 percent, or an extra $396 per year. That would add up to more than $7,000 to attend OSU.

However, even if the board approves the increase, it’s still not a done deal. The state legislature could earmark money before the end of the session for tuition. Fifty-million dollars would freeze the hikes.

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