Outage Leaves Customers In The Cold

EUGENE, Ore. — Quick work by EWEB utility crews helped save people from what may have been a long, cold night.

A power outage left more than 1,200 people in the dark in the west Eugene, Barger and Echo Hollow areas.

Eugene Police had to direct traffic because even the traffic signals weren’t working.

No power meant no heat for many. With potentially no source for warmth, some were concerned.

One UO student was in the middle of writing a paper when her computer suddenly went dark.

“That was not very convenient especially because a lot of the classes and finals had to be canceled last week,” said Sophi Mantheakis.

One woman said the temperature dropped ten degrees in the short time the power was out.

“Probably did not have enough blankets,” said Kimberly Underwood. “If the power had been out all night, it would have been kind of treacherous. I would not have been a very happy camper. ”

The power was out for about an 1 hour and 20 minutes. EWEB reported the outage was caused by a failed power cable.


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