Overwhelming Support for Baby in Need

EUGENE, Ore. — We put out the call and you responded in an overwhelming way.

More than two hundred people came out to the Umpqua Bank in the Oakway Center Wednesday evening for a special bone marrow drive.

The drive was organized to help Eugene baby Harlow Powers.

Folks filled the lobby and the bank filling out the forms to swab their cheeks in hopes that they could be the marrow match Harlow needs.

Harlow is battling a rare life threatening disease that’s only cure is a bone marrow transplant.

Organizers say they ordered 200 kits and ran out of them by 5 p.m.

That was only an hour into the drive.

“It’s such a small commitment to make and the likelihood that you’re going to be pulled is so small and everything else, but if you do it, it really does make a huge impact on someone’s life and their family.” said donor registrant Mora Reinka

“I lost my child about a year ago, in about five days it will be a year and she was five months old,” said Donor registrant Manuel Garibay. “I figure whatever I can do to help somebody not go through what i went through. i’m there.”

Organizers say they have ordered more kits and they should arrive by Monday.

The bank says you can stop by anytime during regular business hours and get on the donor registry until the end of the year.

Here is the story KEZI 9 News Anchor Jennifer Richardson did on baby Harlow if you have more questions about her condition and the organization Be The Match. Click Here. 

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