Owl Hit by Car

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CORVALLIS, Ore. — An injured owl is recovering in Corvallis after he was hit by a car last week.

Deputies¬†with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office rescued the great-horned owl off of Airport Ave. last Tuesday. They were dispatched to the area just past midnight after a caller said the owl had been hit by a car. Deputies were able to get the owl into a cardboard box, and brought him into the Chintimini Wildlife Center.

The center says the owl suffered head trauma but does not have any broken bones.

“After we think he’s gotten mostly back to where he’s supposed to be, we’ll take him out to one of our flight cages and make sure he can fly and get around and get his balance and all that kind of stuff – depth of perception,” said Jeff Picton, Executive Director of Chintimini Wildlife Center. “So we have another stage to go through.”

Picton says if the owl would have been left on the road, he likely would not have survived. He had a concussion and would have had a difficult time looking for food.

Caretakers say he should make a full recovery within the next week, and then he’ll be released back into the wild.

It’s very satisfying,” Picton said. “It’s a fun feeling. The release is always the good part. Letting him go and giving him a second chance – we’re looking forward to that.”

The center has taken in more than 700 animals this year, and expects another 400-500 within the next few months. Picton says most of the animals are injured because of human interaction. If you ever find an injured animal in the wild, call the center at 541-745-5324.

The center is a nonprofit organization and is always looking for donations to continue to care for animals.

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