Oz Gym Under New Ownership

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Oz Fitness in Springfield’s Gateway Mall will be under new ownership starting Saturday.

International Fitness, a locally-owned gym, bought it.

The 32,000-square-foot space will become the fifth location for International Fitness in the Eugene and Springfield area.

At least one customer is excited about the change.

“There’s been some maintenance issues. There’s been times where you haven’t had any treadmills that worked. I’m hoping that with new ownership that the dues can stay relatively close to what they are now and that some of the stuff can get updated a remodeled,” said Oz Fitness member Steve Mortimer.

International Fitness says it plans to keep all the current employees at Oz.

The new owner boasts facilities with sauna, tanning, a pool, fitness classes, basketball and more.

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  1. jason marks says:

    I’m not convinced that there is anything to be excited about when the Finfrocks are involved, but we’ll see, The gym has been run down since the Finfrocks originally sold it, 24 hour said it would fix it up and didn’t, Oz said they would and didn’t and now comes bankrupt Finfrock again. ….. ugh. If I didn’t have a one time pay membership, I’d go elsewhere.

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