Pacific Cascade Staff Change Transportation Habits

By Paris Jackson

Eugene, Ore.– “The rain and the water on the ground — I decided to go with the bus. We actually have bus passes here at Pacific Cascade that they provide for us, so that we can use alternate routes of transportation,” said Pacific Cascade Card Services Rep. Justin Bruce.

Bruce’s commitment speaks volumes. Its his first official day back to work, after being on leave for the birth of his son. The backpack neatly tucked under his desk, with badge attached is a symbol that he’s back on track.

“I actually ride the bus outside of the business commute challenge almost everyday to work,” said Bruce.

Bruce’s Co-worker, Robin Fletcher is just as committed. Rain or shine, challenge or not, she said getting to work without the car is part of her lifestyle.

“I live a little more than a mile from work, so I just typically walk or ride my bike everyday,” said IT Vice President Robin Fletcher.

The business commute challenge kicked off Monday morning. About 60% of Pacific Cascade Employees are participating.

Meanwhile, Bruce looks at it as not just a competition. But an exercise in making wiser choices. It’s a message he wants pass onto his son.

“My wife and I are really looking forward to the good weather and being able to jump on the bikes again. Hopefully, get our son into a bike trailer soon. And you know, teach him to how to ride a bike eventually,” said Bruce.

Whether its making better choices or lifestyles changes — credit union managers hope to get 80% employee turn-out like last year. Employees said it can be done.

“I think the commute challenge is a really good thing for that because people don’t realize how easy it is to do. It’s really not that hard,” said Fletcher.

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