PacificSource Rewards Healthy People

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Volunteers from PacificSource Health Plans rewarded individuals being healthy Wednesday morning.

Nearly 40 volunteers were on the trails in Oregon, Idaho and Montana to reward runners, walkers and bikers with a golden ticket. In Eugene and Springfield volunteers were at Spencer’s Butte and Mount Pisgah.

PacificSource says it’s all part of an effort to raise awareness about healthy behaviors and how they help improve the overall healthcare system.

The golden ticket envelopes contained $5 cash and a note reading:

“Thank you for helping healthcare. The best way to fix the healthcare system is for everyone to take responsibility and live a healthier lifestyle. Since you made the decision to take part in a healthy activity, we want to give you a small piece of what you’re saving the healthcare system.”

For every person that had received a golden ticket and posted a picture showing their healthy activity with #helpinghealthcare, PacificSource said it would donate $5 to Veggie U. Veggie U gives kits complete with seeds, soil, flats, root view boxes and grow lights to elementary school teachers to teach a hands-on lesson about agriculture and healthy

“Active, healthy individuals decrease the burden on our healthcare system and lower the overall cost of care, so the money we handed out reflects the cost savings we all enjoy as a result of individual actions,” said Kenny Weigandt, Marketing Coordinator for PacificSource Health Plans.

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