Paranormal Activities at Eagles Lodge

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The little ghosts and goblins are getting geared up to trick or trick Wednesday night. But here in Lane County the spirits just might be active year-round.

Over the decades, the Eagles Lodge building has worn a number of hats. And it seems that those who’ve grown to love the lodge don’t ever want to leave.

On the outside, it is a pretty plain building. But for some members of the private fraternal organization, what happens inside after dark is anything but normal.

Chuck Cheatham is a member and thinks there’s more than Eagles lurking in the lodge.

“We’ve had whistling coming from the back room and someone coming around the corner whistling, and when they got a little ways off the wall it stopped,” Cheatham said.

The ghost stories date back to the ’60s before it was a lodge. The rough and rowdy bellied up for drinks at a bar called The Greenwood.

“It’s my understanding there was a couple of deaths in the place. Whether they were stabbed or shot, I am not positive,” Cheatham said.

A sign in the kitchen that’s been up for decades even warns of the afterlife, so we called on the experts to see if ghosts of The Greenwood–or even old members–are sticking around. Afterlife Ghost Investigators is a paranormal research group from Eugene.

“Since it does have history with a lot of people feeling things there, it does have to the possibility to be paranormal,” said Val Frasier.

And the set-up begins. Cameras are placed around the building, all hooked into a DVR system.

“We also have meters and EMF meters that record different energy and they respond to that energy in different ways,” Frasier said.

“It seems that these electronics pick up the sounds that the human ear cannot hear,” said RJ Herb.

Once the stage was set, it was lights out on this dark and rainy night. We quickly learned something or someone might be joining us.

The EVP sessions begin; The team is looking for electronic voice phenomena. We headed to a back room and the bumps in the night began.

We heard loud banging coming from the corner. The team checked outside the building and no one was there. The team snapped pictures, and one after the other showed distinct orbs hovering around our heads. Investigators say sometimes the orbs can be confused for bugs or dust, but if they glow like a certain way, the team says the conclusion leans more towards spirits.

“I definitely feel like there is activity going on here,” Frasier said.

Two investigators decided to set up a mock poker game in the room that used to be known for card games. There you could see a number of orbs around the game.

But it’s what the human ear can’t hear at this lodge that seemed to be giving us the chills. After reviewing some of the audio, we caught a number of EVPs.

“An EVP is electronic voice phenomena and it’s considered to be paranormal,” Frasier said.

You could distinctly hear a man say, ‘Get up again, I’ll shoot you.’ No one said this on our hunt.

The back room where we heard most of the thumps in the night also produced two weird sounds. We could hear what sounded like a child’s piano playing. This room didn’t have a piano in it and no one was in this room when this sound was caught. Some think it sounds like wind chimes, but we didn’t see those anywhere–and remember, this is a room without wind.

Late into the night we decided it was time to wrap things up. But for the Afterlife Ghost Investigation team, the paranormal puzzle is never complete.

And whether the lodge is haunted, that’s up for you to decide. The hallways of history though are always going to keep us guessing.

The Afterlife Ghost Investigators say their main goal is helping people understand what might be out there. And even if you aren’t a believer, it’s sure fun to see them at work.

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