Paranormal Hunt in Springfield Shop

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The Springfield Mercantile may come across as just another antique mall, but when the customers are away something seems to play.

For Margaret Beckett, owner of Mercantile–formerly the Springfield Creamery–there may be more than treasures of the past lurking among these shelves.

“There are things living here that perhaps don’t realize they are no longer with the living,” Beckett said.

Ghosts? She sure thinks so.

“I will come in and it will be like someone just left it rocking,” Beckett said.

So we teamed up with Afterlife Ghost Investigators, a Eugene paranormal investigation team to find out whom or what may be misbehaving among Beckett’s trinkets.

An investigation is a lot harder than you might think.

“I personally use a two-channel recording system. I use two high quality stage vocal mics plugged into a mixer console,” said RJ Herb, Afterlife Ghost Investigators member.

The set-up can take hours, and the camera system is a necessity for catching paranormal.

“We will be using a four-channel DVR system,” Herb said.

There’s even recorders to catch EVPs, or electronic voice phenomena.

“We will do an EVP session in which we will be gathered in a circle and we will be asking questions and not always but sometimes we get direct responses to our questions,” Herb said.

The team says that’s all part of an investigation, making sure every logical reason is addressed before assuming it’s paranormal.

Then we catch an orb in our DVR system–a highly debated term in the paranormal investigator world.

“We have to tell the difference between an orb and dust. Sometimes it’s easy to do. Sometimes it’s hard,” said David Last, Afterlife Ghost Investigators member.

“If the orb is self illuminating, it’s a good chance its a spirit orb,” said Valerie Frasier.

We caught a number of those mysterious balls of light throughout the night.

After the team reviewed some of the evidence, we found a couple of unexplained recordings. We also captured a few bizarre pictures.

Click on the video above to watch more of the investigation. On Tuesday night, we will once again go with the Afterlife Ghost Investigators inside the Springfield Eagles Lodge.

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  1. aangi says:

    We loved this paranormal story and last night’s as well. There are a few people even talking about it on facebook! Good job! It was very interesting!!!

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