Parents Deal with School Closure

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — Some Roseburg elementary school students ended up with an unexpected four-day weekend after some kind of virus swept through their school.

Fir Grove Elementary sent students home early Thursday and closed down completely Friday. By noon on Thursday, the school estimated that nearly half the student body and staff were out sick or getting ready to go home.

While the school was closed down Friday, it wasn’t empty. Crews spent the day cleaning and disinfecting the entire campus and will likely be back Saturday to make sure the coast is clear for things to start back up on Tuesday.

But with no classes in session, parents were forced to figure out their own plan of attack when it came to dealing with this suspected norovirus.

“The parents I spoke with yesterday were all very supportive of the decision and while they didn’t like it, they understood and they wanted us to err on the side of caution,” said Dr. Larry Parsons, Roseburg Public Schools Superintendent.

Most of the parents we spoke with were able to manage the schedule change just fine.

Douglas County Public Health thinks the illness lasts about 24 hours but that folks are probably still contagious for three to four days after that.

With Friday’s closure and Monday’s holiday, the district hopes the illness will have run its course. The superintendent is encouraging parents to keep their kids at home if there’s any indication that they might still be sick in order to prevent this whole ordeal from happening all over again.

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