Parents Debate Roseburg School Closure

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A passionate debate erupted as teachers and school administrators discussed the potential consolidation of one of the Roseburg elementary schools.

The Roseburg School District held a public hearing on Wednesday as it continues to research. About 200 people packed into the hearing, and many lined up to speak.

Financial problems and declining enrollment are the main drivers behind the plan. The district is considering four elementary schools for consolidation: Green, Rose, Melrose and Fir Grove.

The process started more than a year and a half ago and continued at the meeting.

“This is an accumulation of not being able to get a levy,” said Roseburg School District Chair Steve Patterson. “We’ve tried everything that we could think of to avoid this scenario, and now we’re at the point where now we have to make a difficult decision.”

The district originally hoped to have a decision by the end of the February. Board members say they’re now going continue to gather information and may come to an agreement next month.

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