Parents Dote on their Pets this Holiday

EUGENE, Ore. — Pets can occasionally be naughty, but a new survey says they will likely still end up on the “nice” list when it comes to getting them gifts.

The American Pet Products Association says 53 percent of dogs and 38 percent of cats get presents for Christmas. On top of that, holiday shopping predictions point to sales increasing by more than 4 percent. Local pet shops say pet presents are picking up.

“Some of it’s necessity, most of it is that they want to do that, pets are becoming people’s children, so a lot of people that don’t have kids or the kids are out of the house, it’s all about their pets,” said owner LeAnne Schilling, Curious K-9 Boutique.

Christmas oriented treats are draw in customers. Shop owners say grooming is more sought after as well because pet parents want their holiday guests to be impressed by their furry friends.

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