Parents Meet With Schools About iPads

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Parents met with teachers and administrators at middle schools Thursday evening about their students receiving iPads this school year.

The district says the rollout will happen at the end of this month, when each middle schooler will be able to not only use the iPads in the classroom, but also take them home. Teachers at Cheldelin Middle School gave presentations to parents, showing them the types of applications they will be using in the classroom. Apps such as “Notability,” which allows students to read texts, highlight notes, ask questions, and write annotations.

Teachers say the iPads serve as an organizational tool, a learning tool, and will lighten the backpack load for each student. Science teachers say students will be able to more easily make graphs, and use up to date information. Other teachers say in their classes, students can download their assignments at school before taking the iPad home. That way, if students do not have access to internet connection at home, they will still be able to complete their homework assignments.

The superintendent of the Corvallis School District, Dr. Erin Prince, is calling the iPad rollout “1:World.” She explains that the iPads are giving all students the same opportunity to learn, regardless if they have computers at home.

“It’s about closing the opportunity gap and leveling the playing field for all students,” Prince said. “Raising the bar to the ceiling of challenged-based learning for all students.”

Prince says the iPads will allow teachers to use more current material in their classrooms. She also says they will help teachers with the state-wide move towards proficiency-based learning. Teachers demonstrated the various applications they can use to instantly measure the progress of students.

The district says students at Mountain View Elementary have iPads already, as do various departments throughout the district. Prince says she hopes all students district-wide will have iPads next school year.

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  1. jason marks says:

    iPad’s, cell phones and computers do not equate to a sense of a level playing field. They don’t teach you anything and their technology is going by the way side. Education is missing in the school districts.

    Having an iPad or cell phone won’t get you a job.
    An iPad cannot teach you problem solving or real world applications.
    Technology in schools is largely a way for teachers who don’t know how to teach, because they were taught on technology, to keep setting the bar lower and lower.

    Hey, if it makes you feel great, then perfect. However, next time you come to me looking for a job waiving around a cell phone, I will just laugh. Your god, the Apple this or that, can’t do anything for you.

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