Parents Petition for Harsher Punishment

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EUGENE, Ore. — A group of Eugene parents is pushing for harsher punishment against four middle school students, accused of assaulting another student at school.

Police say three seventh graders and one eighth grader at Cal Young Middle School are facing assault charges, and parents of the alleged victim say their punishment at school doesn’t fit the crime.

The alleged victim is a sixth grader, and his parents say he was attacked a week ago today by four older students. They say the boys were suspended for five days and are supposed to be back at school Wednesday.

Lanae and Gregory Bang are fighting back, a week after they say their middle school student was attacked at school.

“I think it’s ridiculous. Unacceptable,” Bang said.

They say their son was playing outside last Tuesday when some kids asked him to grab a football that had flown by.

“He wouldn’t go get the football, so his friend that he was playing with, my son, ran to go get the football and this young man jumped the fence and came after my son,” Bang said.

The Bangs say the violence didn’t stop when their son tried to walk away. They say three students continued to beat and kick him while another strangled him.

“We had to get X-rays because his nose was swollen and there were so many marks right here. We had to have a CAT scan done at the hospital,” Bang said.

While their son was left to recover from his injuries, they say they never heard from the school’s principal about what would happen to the alleged attackers.

“We did gather that it was a five-day suspension and that they would be back tomorrow,” Bang said.

The Bangs and other parents at Cal Young don’t think the punishment fits the crime. So they wrote a four-page letter with an attached petition and delivered it to the school’s principal and the 4J School Board.

“If there’s a criminal process going on and this ultimately results in felony charges, I don’t think a couple days suspension from school is consistent with what actually transpired,” said Cal Young parent Travis Sydow.

“It’s not acceptable to the community. That is what this letter, all these signatures, all these calls, all these emails, this is unacceptable behavior and we aren’t going to put up with it,” Bang said.

They want the school to make a number of changes, including expulsion hearings and more awareness about bullying, so when their son and other kids go to school they know they’ll be safe.

“We need more education, and it needs to be brought to the attention of the students, and it needs to be enforced. There needs to be some teeth to the policy,” Sydow said.

“It’s a lot of stress. I worry when he’s there, if he’s going to be safe,” Bang said.

The petition was delivered Monday with more than 140 signatures. The principal at Cal Young sent a letter to parents Tuesday afternoon saying this type of behavior is very unusual and not acceptable. She says they’re also increasing supervision at the school and they’re talking with students about bullying and harassment in classrooms.


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  1. 8ball says:

    whats good for the goose,
    how about you 140 jump their parents fences and do the same to them. maybe they will get the message

  2. Chris says:

    That is a terrible thing that happened!! I agree that these things should NOT being going on. Did this happen on school property and during school hours? I am sure It’s more difficult to punish at school when this happened out of school. Maybe let the legal system handle it since it’s an ongoing case?? I will be praying for the young man to get some justice from all this.

    1. K says:

      This occurred during lunch break outside on school grounds. Definitely a school discipline issue along with continued legal investigation.

  3. Shellie Younger says:

    Have criminal charges been brought against these boys? If not they need to be. The parents of the bullies should be responsible for the medical bills of this young boy. This is not acceptable behavior in any school. It really is scary that middle school kids are this aggressive and manipulative. The school board HAS to do something about this situation besides a few days of suspension. The boys probably enjoyed their little vacation. What has been done at the boy’s home for discipline? Sad sad story. I am afraid for my grand kids to go to school. Just really sad.

  4. Renee Barnhart says:

    Add my name to the petition. You should start a petition on FB.

  5. Jacques D says:

    I’m shocked…SHOCKED, I tell you. How could this sort of childish bullying be taking place in that bastion of maturity, our neighborhood Middle School? I find it hard to believe that Middle school students, rife with hormonal changes and lack of social tact and experience, could behave in such an appalling fashion. Something must be done! First, without having any insight into the home life of these boys, it’s obvious to me that these delinquents aren’t being properly disciplined by their parents. They probably just grounded them, took away certain privileges, or some other pseudo-punishment that’s more befitting a six year old that won’t eat their peas; not appropriate for a near-full grown felonious adult. We need to tell these parents how they need to discipline their own children, or we’ll do it for them. If the parents or school board aren’t willing to take harsh enough corrective measures, then it’s time for us as a community to step in and take charge! Call the police, call DHS, call the National Guard if need be and get these criminals off the streets and into an isolation cell. A little prison time with some fellow murderers and rapists should set them back on the straight and narrow! And let’s make SURE we’re monitoring behavior at our schools to prevent further violent incidents such as this. Install cameras, metal detectors, check points, armed guards, and compulsory Ludovico Aversion Therapy for ALL students. Maybe then…MAYBE, justice will be served.

  6. grant says:

    I am sure Sheldon Berman will recomend the boys be put through some sensitivity traning with Kitty Piercy !

  7. Brenda Frank says:

    I think it would be best to understand the conflict first before we judge. If we take a half step back we understand It does take two sides to have a conflict. I understand this young person was hurt, but what happened for this to transpire? What was his part/responsibility in the whole situation?

    I would think that this station would try and balance the story before sensationalizing. The parents are upset, but maybe some reflection should be upon themselves and their own child’s behavior before they throw stones. I do not think this situation is all what it seems.

    1. Kelly says:

      Are you kidding me!? Four boys beat one boy and you think there are two sides to the story? They tried to strangle the boy and was kicked all over his body (ALL OVER). And you still think there are two sides to the story and that he played a part in his own beating because he may have been responsible for their actions?

      Are you one of the parents of the abusers that are supporting their children’s actions?

    2. Parent of Student Witness says:

      We were informed by other students as well as our own that the story is correct. This is something that happened over a week ago! How long do parents need to wait? In my eyes, a week is to long… On another note, why would the four boys get charged by the Police for assault in the 3rd Degree if there was no evidence? I was also informed that the 4 boys did not return to school today?

  8. oldcopper54 says:

    This is bullying and should be addressed as such. Criminal charges are pending and should be charged fully. I would love to be the investigative detective on this. No excuse for assault resulting from bullying. Assaults resulting form bullying should be charged enhanced and up the criminal punishment. The school should expell these juves pending criminal outcomes. The school needs to lessen their liability by not letting these kids back into to school knowing their past.

  9. grant says:

    The problem is the Schools refuse to take a stand on right and wrong – they will not label this as wrong and will toss it into the category of “boys will be boys”. Anybody who has attended public school, even in my case which was 30 yrs ago, will testify that everyone in school knows who the punks and bullies are, but none of the spineless adminstrators will stick thier necks out and confront them.

  10. Patrick says:

    Sounds like 4J needs a new tough president who actually cares
    about kids.

    Get that current feckless one out of there

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