Parents Push for Educational Change

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EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene parents banded together Wednesday night for the good of their children. Using the documentary film “Race to Nowhere”, organizers are encouraging parents to take part in an important conversation and more importantly, focus the passion they all have for their kids to succeed to make change.

This documentary film is all about students pushed to the brink. It shows students all across the country who are over-scheduled, over-tested and constantly pushed by the growing pressure to achieve. A feeling that’s very familiar to students and their parents locally.

Aurora Williams is a high school freshman at Sheldon. She says, “I personally don’t feel pressured or stressed, but I know that others do.”

Eden Lininger, a sophomore at the same school, says, “The emphasis of like tests and quizzes and stuff and your grade and GPA, I feel like that has a lot more meaning to it than what you’re actually learning in school.”

4J dad and event coordinator Lloyd Madden says, “My daughter is still in it and my wife and I have to tell her to go to bed, because it’s midnight and she’s burning the candles on both ends and she’s almost burnt out.”

While they all agree the opportunities out there are great, the efforts to seize them can prove to be too much.

Fellow organizer and former 4J parent Lucy Mcwhorter says, “Some of the issues that kids are faced with today are mental health issues depression, anxiety, a lot of things that are unaddressed.”

The pair hope to address all of those issues and more at their gathering that evening.

“I think it’s essential that parents are very active partners overall in the education process, not just in supporting our students at home, but in the process, the educational process,” says Madden.

Organizers say this is just the beginning in their efforts to create a very focused support network of parents. So, everyone is invited to attend. The event begins at 7 p.m. at the Lane County Behavioral Health Building on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.

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