Parents React to School Closure

ROSEBURG, Ore. — Roseburg parents are strengthening their campaign to keep all their schools open.

The news came down Thursday night the school board will close Rose Elementary. In just over a month, they find out whether or not their school will be closed for good come June. But parents say there’s still hope for their school.

The announcement was hard on everyone, especially parents from Rose. The news was still fresh on everyone’s mind Friday morning.

“I think it’s always sad whenever you have to have a conversation, because I think that’s the last thing anybody wants to have happen,” said Jeff Plummer, Rose Elementary Principal.

“I was devastated. Words can’t really describe the feelings that were going through me at the time. I felt like they shouldn’t of…they shouldn’t close any schools,” said Rose Elementary parent Jessica Schan.

But close they must, unless voters choose to pass their bond measure come May. And it was a decision not made lightly.

“It wasn’t last night that caused the thing to happen. It was two years of discussions that finally led the board to that final decision. It was not made easily or made on the spur of the moment,” said Larry Parsons, District Superintendent.

So the decision is made, but despite the tough news, everyone remains optimistic.

“There were tears and there was certainly a lot of emotion in the room, but our community is pretty wonderful and they handled it very well,” Parsons said.

“Right now we’re here supporting the levy, but can we turn this into a nonprofit that’s going to be helpful in keeping K-12 on firm ground, and that’s the kind of support that we’re getting from all the places in this community, and it’s just really great,” said Laurie Way, Bond Committee Member.

While administrators, staff and parents don’t all see eye to eye on this issue. They do all agree on at least one thing–that these kids deserve the best and they’ll continue to do their part to make sure each and every child gets what he or she needs to succeed in life.

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