Parents React to School Closures

EUGENE, Ore. — As students prepared to return to class Friday morning, parents reacted to all of the lost school days.

Classes were cancelled for up to five days in the 4J, Bethel and Springfield school districts. Representatives say it’s the most consecutive snow days they’ve ever seen.

All of the cancellations were due to dangerous conditions on the roads. While most of the buses have built-in snow chains, school districts say they’re not effective on ice.

Many students loved staying home, but parents wonder if all the lost days came at a cost.

“Yeah it’s not good for the kids, all of our kids need more time in school, but I don’t see that they really had a choice about the snow days,” says Joy Marshall, parent of a 4J student.

The school districts will make up the days by either adding them at the end of the year or making them up through previously scheduled furlough days. That decision will be made when school is back in session.

Teachers in the 4J School District were not paid during snow days because they are considered furlough days. Teachers were being paid in the Bethel and Springfield school districts, but they won’t be paid on makeup days.

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