Parents Upset with School Merge Proposal

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of Eugene parents want to stop a potential plan for the 4J School District to merge two elementary schools. They are gathering signatures to present to a district meeting Wednesday.

It’s part of the district’s long-range plan called Building 4J’s Future, which addresses getting rid of outdated buildings and merging some schools to save money and provide educational effectiveness.

Corridor Elementary is one of those schools that would be torn down. The building houses the Corridor Alternative Program and YG, the Japanese immersion program.

Under this recommendation, YG would move to the Churchill area. Corridor, which has a strong art focus, would merge into a new building with Howard Elementary, which has a strong technology focus. Some parents say this would lessen the quality of the Corridor program.

“It won’t be a separate program. They will take what they call the best of both programs and merge them together, but Corridor’s program is based on peer learning, shared electives, hands-on field trips,” said Corridor parent Tristin Beach.

Parents who believe strongly in the program, some which bring their kids from out of the district, are going door to door to gather signatures. They’ve collected a few hundred signatures so far and plan to present them to administrators during Wednesday’s 4J meeting.

The 4J documents on this plan say these are just recommendations and there is still an ongoing discussion with the community over these issues.

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