“Park Place” Apartments Set to Open

EUGENE, Ore — If you’re looking for a modern, luxury apartment in the heart of downtown Eugene, some new apartments may pique your interest. “Park Place” apartments sit between Pearl and Park streets, where the old public works building once was.

At four stories high, they offer a great view of the city’s park blocks. The building offers a number of apartment styles. There are studios, as well as one and two-bedroom units. Rent ranges from $815 dollars to $1,850. Each has spacious rooms, and feature multiple windows and modern, state of the art appliances.

Developer Steve Master says the location is quite unique. “Full City” is downstairs, local restraunts and the farmers market are just feet from the front door. Master says the apartments are equal opportunity housing, but he does have a demographic in mind.

“Grad students, young professionals and empty nesters, and we have a good mix. We have some people over 60, mid 20’s to early 30’s, and so there’s a good balance,” says Master.

Much of the 100 year-old building was re-used, and a lot of the new functions only add to the green that sits outside the windows.

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