Parking Prices Go Up Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — Taking a trip to downtown Eugene just got a bit pricier. The city hiked parking rates.

The fee increase brings in an extra half a million dollars a year to the city.

The city hasn’t raised parking fees in more than 10 years. Now for every hour you park downtown, it will cost you an extra quarter, making the hourly rate $1. The daytime rate in city parking garages went from $3.50 to $6.

City managers say all this new revenue will help balance the parking budget and also help pay for more police patrols. Some residents aren’t buying it.

“I don’t get help with parking from my employer and my wages aren’t going up, so so for me it’s a couple $2-$3 more a day that I would have to spend just to come to work,” said downtown Eugene employee Mandie Jarvis.

“I think there are a lot more creative ways to do it rather then just drive business away from downtown,” said downtown vendor Darrell Olson.

“When you live in a city that you hope to be improving in and getting more people to come, it’s just sort of the hand-in-hand goes with improvements,” said Shelley Maynard, Pewter Rabbit Antiques Owner.

Business owners we spoke with had mixed views on whether this hike will affect sales. One business owner says she doesn’t think it will keep customers away. In fact, she keeps a bag of quarters in the store handy to accomodate her guests.


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  1. jason marks says:

    quote: “The city hasn’t raised parking fees in more than 10 years”

    that is a lie, but what ever. who said the truth sells anything.

    1. Emily says:

      yea, telling the truth is SO 20 years ago

  2. Bill says:

    These morons running the city do NOT want people to shop down town. Its for freeloading kids and bums only.

    Way to go mayor..you should be on the stage…………..the first on out of town.

  3. lorin Edmonds says:

    We have a very good public transportation system,

    We have a good system of bike paths.

    Working downtown and driving does not make sense in any major city. (Parking always is too expensive.)

    Eugene’s rates are cheap compared to others but that does not make them affordable.

    Also to make down town more competitive to business vs malls.

    Many people and employers need to rethink having support people downtown instead of in outlying areas.

    Businesses with several locations should put emphasis on assigning people to the nearest branch to their homes.

    This is what happened to cut traffic in SF after the big earthquake.

    It should happen here.

    I was born here and have seen many changes.

  4. lorin Edmonds says:

    Eugene is growing up.

    It is time to stop building on food growing land and grow up.

    Parking in any big city is always to expensive for the worker bees to afford.

    Eugene has a good public transportation system and very good system of bike paths.

    1. Business needs to make it easier for people to work near their homes if they have more than one branch. (SF did this to cut traffic after the big earthquake)

    2. Business needs to have support people in locations nearer to where they live – there is less need now to have support people downtown.

    3. More park and ride

    4. Affordable housing in the downtown.

    Living here almost 70 years, I have seen a lot of changes.

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