Parking vs. Biking on Willamette Street

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EUGENE, Ore. — One of the area’s most popular roads may get a makeover, but not without some much needed discussion.

The city of Eugene hosted about 50 people Tuesday night as it tried to figure out what’s more important–biking or parking–on South Willamette Street.

The meeting was more of an idea generator. The city wanted to hear from people about what they would like to see on Willamette from 19th to 24th avenues.

Options include removing street packing to adding bike lanes. While most everyone at the meeting favored the bike lanes, opinions did differ.

“If they can come up with some solution for bicycles, that’s fine. I just don’t want to lose the parking. The street’s been running like that for years and years. It’s just fine,” said business owner Richard Thoren.

“If I’m a cyclist or pedestrian, it’s unsafe. If you go to a big city and you want to go to someone’s house, sometimes you have to walk a block or two,” said Eugene resident Michele Miller.

Everyone broke into groups after the meeting to come up with plans and ideas about what to do.

The project would start and finish next summer.

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