Parole Violation Leads to Arrest

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Junction City police say a follow-up on a parole violation ended with the arrest in a burglary case.

Officers say they arrested a convicted thief on that violation but noticed some suspicious items around his house. They got a search warrant, returned to the house Thursday and connected those items to the burglaries of several local stores.

‘It’s a good job on the officer’s part, and I just really want to say how proud of them for taking a little big of information and being diligent and working hard and getting a search warrant and coming out here today. On behalf of the community, I am really proud of them,” said Chief Mark Chase, Junction City Police Department.

“I’m relieved that the perpetrators were caught. We’re still a target because we don’t have security, but that’s soon to change,” said Cary Claar, B & I Hardware Owner.

B & I Hardware was one of the businesses hit, along with a pharmacy, video store and hair salon.

Officers haven’t released the name of the suspect yet.

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