Passengers React to Check-in Guidelines

EUGENE, Ore. — With construction beginning in the terminal, the Eugene Airport is recommending passengers arrive two hours before their scheduled flights. But some say ticket counters aren’t even open that early before take off.

Individual airlines decide what time the ticket counters will open each day, but the airport says even if the ticket counter isn’t open, passengers still need to arrive two hours early.

On its website, Alaska Airlines recommends passengers traveling out of Eugene arrive 90 minutes before their flights if they’re checking baggage. It says travelers can be there 60 minutes beforehand if they’re carrying on luggage.

It’s a different story at the other end of the terminal at Allegiant’s counter. An online agent for the airline says Allegiant recommends passengers check in two hours before their flights, but the ticket counter closes an hour before the flight’s take off. If a passenger is not early enough, Allegiant says it counts this as a no-show, meaning the passenger forfeits their flight.

Frontier Airlines opens two hours before each scheduled flight and closes 45 minutes before each flight. While the airport’s recommendation for arriving two hours early may be a change for some travelers, many passengers told KEZI 9 News this won’t cause any changes in habit for them.

In a statement from the Eugene Airport, it says, “If a passenger needs to check a bag or get their boarding pass at the airport, the two-hour rule applies even if it means waiting in line before the ticket counter opens.”

One passenger flying back to California says this airport is much easier to check in than LAX, but even so she says it’s better safe than sorry.

The airport says if you’re carrying on luggage, you can arrive 60 to 90 minutes before the flight.

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  1. Reis says:

    I have never heard of Allegiant Airline before, but with the snotty attitude displayed as far as checking in is concerned I derned sure will never fly with them. They can go to some other hot place as far as I’m concerned.

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