Pastry Shop to Open in Downtown

EUGENE, Ore. — After working for others in the pastry industry for 20 years, a Eugene pastry chef is going into business for herself.

Tobi Sovak’s opening her own pastry kitchen shop in downtown Eugene. It’s called Noisette, which is the French word for hazelnut.

The new business is taking shape at the corner of Broadway and Charnelton.

Before coming to Eugene, Sovak worked in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She’s been the pastry chef at both Marche’ and King Estate.

Sovak says it was time for her to go into business for herself, so that why she’s opening Noisette. Once she had the idea, the next step was finding the right location.

“I looked around all over downtown and beyond to find a good location, and this spot, this corner location, a lot of windows. It has a wonderful feel to it,” Sovak said.

Sovak says you will be able to find all kinds of pastries at Noisette. Not only are there sweet and sugary pastries, but savory ones, too, filled with cheese, vegetables and meat. Sovak says they’ll also serve sandwiches, salads and soups as well as beer and wine.

Noisette is set to open in two weeks.


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  1. Brittany M says:

    Thrilled to have Noisette Pastry Kitchen opening in Eugene. A welcomed restaurant addition to downtown Eugene.

    1. Jen Lowery says:

      Yay!! Looking forward to all the deliciousness that will undoubtedly come from Noisette!

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