Peace Activists Protest Syria War

EUGENE, Ore. — About 100 people gathered at the old federal building Saturday to get their voices heard.  “We’re here today to send a message to the Obama administration that Eugene, Oregon does not want the US to go to war with Syria,” said Michael Carrigan, event organizer.

Some carried posters while others held up their hands to show a sign of peace. “I am absolutely devastated that we’re going to add to the violence in the Middle East, add to the violence in Syria,” said Peg Morton, a local peace activist.

Demonstrators said taking more military action overseas is just going to bring long-lasting consequences.  “Americans are tired of war, we don’t, we want it to stop, so a fresh war is not what the American public wants,” said Carrigan.

While some spoke out against the possibility of a war, others want the government to focus on domestic issues, not international problems.
With just 24 hours notice before this rally, activists said they’re happy with the turnout. “It really shows that people do not want war and that they want peace and they’re willing to come out and say that,” said Carrigan.



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  1. ahshucks says:

    I see three people thats damn near the whole population of Eugene.

    One succesful protest.

  2. chris says:

    if this is the guy who is “speaking for us” i think it’s time I move…im sure sooo many people payed attention to your protest. 1 with the duck and beaver games on. and 2 im sure the people in DC really care about us over here and what we do not like….get a life

  3. John says:

    Going to Afghanistan to get al Qaeda responsible for 911 was justified.

    Why is the United States getting involved in another country’s (who has not done anything to us) civil war?

    This will take hundreds of millions of dollars away from the American people and will probably escalate into something much worse. The world does not support our action. Why should the United States drop one single bomb on Syria and become known as Syrian baby killers?

    The only justification is to take away power from Hezbollah and Iran. If the issue is not letting a threatening and wacky country like Iran build a nuclear bomb then lets target and take out Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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