“Peanuts” Comics on Display

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EUGENE, Ore. — In less than 24 hours, Eugene residents will have the chance to learn more about the career of Charles Schulz, the artist behind the decades-old comic strip Peanuts.

The Artist Project Space walls at the U of O Jordan Schnitzer Museum will display strips from the comic featuring the beloved Charlie Brown and devoted dog pal Snoopy, which ran for 50 years. While Schulz produced nearly 18,000 strips, 25 examples–five from each decade–will be displayed.

As you walk along the walls, you can see how much the characters developed into the icons they are now. While the exhibit doesn’t exactly fit in with all the other work at the museum, organizers say it’s one anyone can relate to.

“I think people of all ages have an emotional connection to Peanuts. They either grew up with it or grew up with their parents telling them about it. There’s a little bit of Peanuts in all of us. We’re all a little bit of Charlie Brown or a little bit of Lucy and people have strong emotional ties,” said Debbie Smith, Communications Manager.

The exhibit will also include an iPad with an app that allows folks to learn more about the various themes throughout Schulz’s work.

The exhibit officially kicks off Saturday. Museum managers say this is the perfect opportunity for folks to come and check out the museum, because entry into this particular space is free.

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