Permits for Christmas Trees Available

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — If hiking through the forest to cut down your own Christmas tree is the approach you prefer, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

First, you need to buy a $5 Forest Service personal use permit. That lets you cut down a tree on designated ares of forest service land.

Make sure you bring a handsaw and something to tie the tree down to your vehicle with when you’re done. You can only cut down a tree that’s less than 12 feet tall.

“Be aware where you are. It’s also smart to purchase a Forest Service map that has all the roads on it, and we sell these at our offices, too. That will help you navigate our roads if you’ve never been out, because there are many,” said Katie Isacksen, Willamette National Forest Public Affairs.

Make sure you tell people where you are going.

Here is a list of places you can buy permits:

Eugene, Cascades & Coast – Adventure Center
541.484.5307 Eugene

Meyer’s General Store
541.822.3531 Blue River

541.687.7643 Springfield

Harbick’s County Store
541.822.3575 Rainbow

Jasper Store
541.746.2032 Jasper

McKenzie Bridge General Store
541.822.3221 McKenzie Bridge

Midway Grocery
541.367.1552 Sweet Home

Vida Community Market
541.896.3261 Vida

Coffee Hut
541.367.7510 Sweet Home

Bridgetown Market
541.937.3124 Lowell

Dan Dee Sales
541.367.5544 Sweet Home

Lakeside Market & Deli
541.367.3397 Sweet Home

Lowell Gas and Grocery
541.937.4200 Lowell

Rascal’s Market
541.782.3704 Oakridge

Rivers Run Deli & Market
503.854.3039 Detroit

Dinks Market
541.782.2668 Oakridge

Mountain High Grocery
503.854.3696 Detroit

Westfir Store
541.782.1999 Westfir

Mather’s Market
541.726.8570 Cedar Flat

Pratt’s Leaburg Country Store
541.896.0500 Leaburg

Detroit Market
503.854.3767 Detroit

Killion’s Market
541.767.9690 Cottage Grove

Santiam Sports Center
503.897.2881 Mill City

Kirk & Family Mercantile
541.946.2200 Dorena

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