Pesky Insect Damages Local Fruit

invasive-pesky-bugTALENT, Ore. — A fruit pest is more prevalent this year in the Rogue Valley. The spotted wing drosophila is a tiny bug.  It damages fruit by injecting eggs under the peeling of ripened fruit.  When the eggs hatch, maggots appear.

The infected fruit is hard to detect at first. It starts as a pin hole in the fruit and develops from there.

“There will generally be a dimple or a soft spot on the fruit, and it will kind of concave in because of them feeding below, and that is the only time you can tell,” said Ron Meyer, the owner of Meyer Orchards.

The pesky bug is very fond of ripe fruits, in particular red fruits including cherries and blackberries.  There are no known health concerns if you eat the infected fruit. The insect has been in the Rogue Valley since 2012, but this year it is more common than years past.

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