Philomath Cracks Down on Portable Hoops

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PHILOMATH, Ore. — The city of Philomath is cracking down on portable basketball hoops.

Residents received a letter from the city about an ordinance that requires them to move their basketball hoops away from the street.

Chris Garcia and his siblings love to play basketball, but a Philomath city ordinance is blocking him from shooting hoops.

“I probably won’t play it because there’s a curb in the way,” said Chris Garcia.

Residents are no longer able to leave their basketball goals on public property when not in use. This includes sidewalks and streets. It comes after someone reportedly tripped over the base and got hurt.

Candy Garcia says she is in no way going against the city’s policy but says basketball hoops are heavy. It’s hard to move hers back and forth between her driveway and public property. She says putting it so far from the street poses a danger for her children.

“There’s a curb where the kids just completely fall and hurt themselves,” she said.

“It’s hard to play with the curb, like when we’re playing against each other, and I sometimes fall over the curb when I make layups,” Chris Garcia said.

But in a letter to about 20 residents, the city has called a “timeout,” saying the ordinance is in the general public’s interest. It says the hoops are “… an obstruction in the public right of way… This ordinance is in place to ensure the free movement of vehicles, pedestrian traffic and public safety responders.”

Peggy Meade lives across the street from the Garcia’s. She agrees the hoops get in the way.

“My feeling is the base of the basketball hoops are so big that my 91-year-old father who lives nearby is forced to walk into the street when it comes to a basketball hoop,” Meade said.

If residents don’t comply with the ordinance, the letter states a city crew will remove their basketball hoop, and they may be billed for the cost.

We reached out to the city, but it declined to comment.

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  1. Bob says:

    From the news video it is appent this family does have a driveway, why not put the hoop in the driveway and park the car on the street. When I was a young basketball player a few years ago, ok 55 years ago, we put the hoop above the garage door and played in the driveway.

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