Philomath High School Wins Grammy Award

CORVALLIS, Ore.– Philomath High School students have reason to smile.

The school was among 11 schools in the country to be named a Grammy Signature Schools Enterprise Award recipient.

“It was really great. I was not expecting it, but we have been working really hard all year and it is just an honor to earn this award,”said student Adam Cochran

“All the hard work the band has gone through especially after construction at our school and moving back and forth between different rooms it has just been hard. Seeing the dedication from all the students coming up has been heartwarming,” said senior Isaiah Savage.

This marks the second time in four years the school has received this prestigious award.

“I have been asked multiple times what the formula is. It is just good kids, motivated kids, high quality kids and guess what I have them, said director of music Dr. Daniel Johnson.

The Enterprise Award recognizes efforts made by schools that are economically undeserved that provide a creative strategy to resolve a department-wide need or challenge.

Philomath High School was also presented a $5,500 grant.

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