Phoinix Players Open New Theater

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hoping to catch a show this weekend? What about seeing live musical theater? You can do that; The Phoinix Players are now in Eugene.

Phoinix Players, a musical theater group, has performed in Junction City for the last two years. The group just relocated to Eugene and opened up the Red Cane Theatre on Chambers Street next to Ring of Fire restaurant.

The musical troop is rehearsing its latest show, a Western called the Silver Spurs Saloon. Phoinix Players has been around for about eight years, but this current group has been performing together for nine months.

The group decided they needed more space, so they started looking for a new location in the Eugene-Springfield area. It took about three months before they settled on this space which used to be an Asian market. The house manager says getting the building ready was a great experience.

“Everyone thinks that the life of a performer is very glitzy and glamorous, not when you have to scrub floors that you don’t know what’s on them and painting walls, setting up a theater like we do. It was a good experience for all of us, a very humbling experience, that’s for sure,” said house manager Amanda Lawrence.

Since the performers like to do stunts and aerial tricks, the high ceiling made this building the right spot. They also liked the location. It’s right on busy Chambers Street.

Phoinix Players are also teaming up with local businesses. You can order food from Ring of Fire while enjoying a show.

The Silver Spurs Saloon runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Click here for more information.

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