Picketing Continues Across Medford

med-strike-7MEDFORD, Ore. — Picketing continued on Thursday, but instead of outside the schools, teachers were found across Medford in an effort to drum up support.

Hundreds of members and supporters of the Medford Teachers Association began in the morning on the sidewalk on Barnet Road in South Medford. Then, the picketers moved on to city hall before ending the day at the intersection of Biddle and McAndrews roads. Representatives say their spirits are high and their solidarity is strong.

Lisa North of the MEA stated, “If you look around the streets, I think you can see how strong everybody feels. Morale is up. We’ve gone to a couple of different locations today to show our solidarity as one large unit.”

Parents and students are preparing for their own demonstration on Friday morning. At least a hundred people have said they will take place in what is being called “Occupy 549-C.” They plan to occupy the district offices.

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