Pinwheel of Storms Lined Up

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Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn’s Forecast Discussion:

A pinwheel of storms has set up over the northern Pacific; they will all spin through our area over the next couple of days bringing heavy rains and gusty winds. Flooding will be a concern and the rainfall totals climb.

Imagery Courtesy of NASA GOES West

The first of a series of fronts moves through today. This front will be weak compared to the ones that will follow; showers will be scattered with a few sunbreaks late in the day. Windy conditions will follow this front, with theĀ  strongest winds along the coastĀ  A High Wind Watch is in effect for the coast; sustained wind will be around 20-30mph with gusts 50-60mph for coastal communities. Headlands and beaches will experience stronger winds; sustained winds will be 30-45mph with gusts 65-75mph.

The next, and stronger, front move through Thursday morning. Heavy rain will be associated with this front; rainfall totals will be anywhere from .5″ to 2″, heaviest along the coast.

Friday through Tuesday, we will have wave after wave of rain. Rain will be heavy at times with some breaks thrown in, however it will be hard to have any sunbreaks. Snow levels will be between 5,000-6,000 feet and passes should pick up a couple of inches. High temperatures will be around 50 degrees with lows near 40 degrees.

Have a Wonderful Wet Wednesday!

Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn

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