Pipes Burst at Cottage Grove High School

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Cottage Grove, Ore. —┬áThe South Lane School District is cleaning up a mess at Cottage Grove High School, after pipes burst.

It all started Sunday.

South Lane superintendent Krista Parent says a pipe burst in one of the classroom ceilings, causing the ceiling to collapse, and sent a rush of water throughout the north end of the school.

But that was just the beginning.

Monday, they were dealing with another problem, another pipe burst and flooded the kitchen and cafeteria, too.

Parent says there’s a lot of damage.

“We’ve already got a plan for the couple of classrooms that are out of commission in terms of moving them somewhere else. Especially the classroom where the ceiling caved in that classroom’s out of commission for a while,” said Parent.

Cottage Grove High School is only about ten years old.

Administrators say it’s given them a lot of perspective on how to prepare for things like this in the future.

Parent says repairs will easily cost more than $50,000 dollars.

Right now, they’re working to dry out classrooms and make decision on where to replace carpet and tiles.

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