Planes May Be Banned from Waldo Lake

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The purity of Waldo Lake inspired a lengthy debate in Springfield.

The Oregon Aviation Board heard public comment Thursday night as it considers banning sea planes from the lake. Most of the 80 people who spoke seemed to be in favor of a ban.

The Oregon Marine Board recently got rid of motorized boats from the lake. The Aviation Board is tasked with determining whether float planes should follow suit.

“Over the last few years there’s been a lot of attention to Waldo Lake,” Mark Gardiner, Oregon Aviation Board Chair said. “Even though there haven’t been a lot of float planes landed there over the years, there was a desire in the public to have some clarity on what was and wasn’t allowed.”

Many are concerned the planes would bring invasive species to the pristine waters of Waldo Lake. The board won’t rule before March.


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  1. Tom Baxter says:

    Waldo Lake is sacred to thousands of visitors, it would be unfair to them for the acceptance of the use of float planes on it’s waters. The push to allow planes to land and take-off smacks of special interests. Over time, it will denude the experience, and eventually, a plane will crash and sink spoiling it’s water’s for good. A helicopter sits at the bottom of Crater Lake, leaking oil and toxic chemicals regularly. This would also open up the door to motorized boats again, as well as ATV’s, and all sorts of motorized devices. No float planes on Waldo Lake!

  2. Ed Capelle says:

    With limited use historically of float planes, the environmental impact has to be near “0.” Why is this ban even being discussed?

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